Quantum Biofeedback Therapy in OFFICE :

Initial Consultation and Therapy : 

$ 130.00         

 Follow up : 2 hour therapy : 

$ 100 00     

 Emotion Code  :  half hour : $ 40.00

 Emotion Code  :  1 hour  :  $  75 .

 Emotion Code  &  Quantum Biofeedback Therapy together is : $ 120 

DISTANCE THERAPY  Initial : $120.00 

Follow up : 2 Hours long  : $ 95.00

Homeopathy  &  Nutrutional Consultation included in the Biofeedback Therapy





Quantum Biofeedback Therapy was prescribed by an Oncologist to his Cancer Patient , and even the Privat Insurance paid for it !

  Would You use this remarkable Healing Device for your own Healing ?



"  I am suffering from Fibromyalgia for some time. I came to see Ilona, after so many months, finally I got to her.

  I had a terrible pain in my left hip especially at night, and i could not sleep. After 2 therapies of the Quantum Biofeedback and Emotion Release , I have no pain in my hip, and I am sleeping soundly through the night. I feel emotionally so much better, even though I was grieving my Sister who passed away 8 months ago.

  I deeply recommend these therapies to everyone , who suffers from PAIN or EMOTIONAL PAIN.

The help is quick and very effective. "


Cornelia 2012 Jan

Dear Ilona 

Ilona is sitting at her desk, doing the Quantum Therapy. Long blond hair, silver rings, pretty, as can be.

 not, only is she beautiful, she is very smart. She fixed my broken body, she fixed my broken heart.

  Today I feel much better then I have felt in years. Ilona really helped me put away my tears. She balanced my body, it works in every way. My Life is full of sunshine now, I look forward to each new day. I can again eat what I want, for sometime it wasn't so .

  After taking CLINDAMYCIN about 2 years ago , it ruined ny Intestines , I was in a deep decline. Also I was in Terrible PAIN . 

Ilona saved my Life , I now look forward all the time. 

    R.St. John Aug. 2009

It took me some time to finally decide to try Quantum Biofeedback for my Migrain headaches , and it was a surprise for me when after 3 sessions my Migrain headache  was gone ,which I suffered for many years .

  I truly recommend to everyone this therapy  

                                                   Ada   2014 

       My Son has Autism  since 2 years of age 

Me and my wife decided to try Biofeedback ,and came to see Ilona .    One of my friend recommended her 

   My Son was very aggressive  and one minute crying the other minute laughing and spinning on the floor . Screaming moaning and totally uncontrollable , Never look into anybody's eyes . No interest about anything 

His Sister said I can't live here  , she wanted to move out .  Every night he peed into the bed and we had to change the bedding every morning .   He was an extreme stress on the whole family .

   After about a year Biofeedback therapies he changed and slowly got better with his moods and agressivity and he stopped crying and became more happy all the time.

  He stopped peeing into the bed  and stopped spinning on the floor .

 He started to have some interest about some kids shows .  He had and incredible sensitivity to CD players and when I played guitar, he holded his ears and was very frustrated , i had to stop playing .Today he is  a happy kid and bother nobody and listens doing tasks in the kitchen  , he even stopped moaning and screaming he has a short eye contact  , now the family can live in peace .

  NO anxiety attacks anymore and now i am able to play my guitar too , it does not bother him .    

  Thank you for  Ilona and the Biofeedback  

that now he is manageable  and always happy .

                                                   Eric  H . 2014

If you are ready to help yourself please don't hesitate I am here to help you get better !

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What is Quantum Biofeedback ?

 Quantum Biofeedback Therapy: Balance Energy, Reduce Stress, Help Your Body Heal. ... This is achieved through using the QXCI (Quantum Xrroid Conscious-ness Interface) device, which measures sixteen standard electrical parameters of the body beyond just simple resistance.

 Quantum Biofeedback is a Holistic and Alternative modality of Energy Medicine that uses sophisticated  technology to assess a Client's many Stressors. It diagnoses Stressors in all area, Mental , Emotional, Spiritual and Physical .

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Why is Quantum Biofeedback ?


How does it work ?

 Quantum Biofeedback Therapy: Balance Energy, Reduce Stress, Help Your Body Heal. ... Energy medicine works through subtle electrical and bio-quantum stimulation to help the body recover its ideal template and thus heal itself. 

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Why would You choose Quantum Biofeedback Therapy ?

 A lot of diseases are either caused by or made worse by stress. A biofeedback treatment promotes quantum healing because it can identify the sources of stress that are literally eating away at you from inside. ... You may have to make changes to your lifestyle, eating habits, as well as therapy


Quantum Biofeedback Therapy: Balance Energy, Reduce Stress, Help Your Body ... This is why integrative medicine is trying, through the use of homeopathy, ...

  “At its roots, biofeedback therapy helps reduce a wide range of symptoms by lowering sympathetic arousal. Through identifying and changing certain mental activities and physical reactions, biofeedbacktrains patients to help regulate their own unconscious bodily processes and better control their stress response.” 


Quantum Biofeedback Sessions are widely recognized as a beneficial and effective treatment choicefor stress and pain reduction. It uses a non-invasive, ...

  A biofeedback therapist helps you practice relaxation exercises, which you fine-tune to control different body functions. For example, you might use a relaxation ...

 Your therapist might use several different biofeedback methods. Determining the method that's right for you depends on your health problems ... 


Who can benefit from the Biofeedback Session ?

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Everyone and even Animals  can benefit from Biofeedback Therapy . 

  It does not matter the name of dis-ease ... what important is your symptoms which is your body telling you something is not right. 

Quantum Biofeedback is either an Electric Medicine Therapy or Energy Medicine therapy to reduce Stressors, and by doing just that your body is able to heal itself from your ailments and pain.

What are the Benefits of Quantum Biofeedback therapy ?

 One technique can help you gain more control over these normally involuntary functions. It's called biofeedback, and the therapy is used to help prevent or treat conditions, including migraine headaches, chronic pain, incontinence, and high blood pressure. 

    There is good evidence that biofeedback therapy can relax muscles and ease stress to reduce both the frequency and severity of headaches. Biofeedback seems to be especially beneficial for headaches .

    Anxiety. Anxiety relief is one of the most common uses of biofeedback

   Biofeedback is an alternative therapy some people use to treat the symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It's also called neurofeedback, EEG biofeedback or neurotherapy. This treatment has been used since the late 1960s,  

 The proven benefits of biofeedback are numerous. 

    Quantum Biofeedback is effective for: Reduction in stress. Increased coordination and concentration. Detecting all physical, mental and emotional imbalances. 


At its roots, biofeedback therapy helps reduce a wide range of symptoms by lowering sympathetic arousal. Through identifying and changing certain mental activities and physical reactions, biofeedback trains patients to help regulate their own unconscious bodily processes and better control their stress response. Biofeedback therapy acts as a natural pain killer and a , among other things.natural headache remedy,

Some experts use the metaphor of “learning to putt a golf ball” to describe how biofeedback works. As someone practices putting and seeing where the ball goes, the feedback helps to improve their next stroke. In biofeedback, a patient follows measurements of their physiological responses — and as they move in a healthier direction, positive reinforcement and learning take place.

After reviewing more than 60 studies related to biofeedback, The Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London described biofeedback therapy as a “non-invasive, effective psycho-physiological intervention for psychiatric disorders,” concluding that over 80 percent of studies reported some level of clinical decrease in symptoms as a result of biofeedback exposure. (1) According to their research, biofeedback interventions have been used successfully to treat common disorders including anxiety, autism, depression, eating disorders and schizophrenia.

But biofeedback therapies aren’t just useful for managing mental disorders — they’re also becoming more common in the treatment of injury recovery and chronic pain. Because therapists now offer several different biofeedback modalities, experts recommend patients try multiple bio-regulating approaches during their sessions. This has been shown to be most effective in significantly reducing symptoms.


Biofeedback therapy is sometimes used to manage high blood pressure, muscle pain or tension, anxiety, IBS symptoms  and insomnia. What do so many of these health problems have in common? They’re triggered, or at least made worse by, chronic stress. For that reason, some experts believe that biofeedback is beneficial and able improve overall health and wellness because it’s effective as a natural stress relieving technique.


Conditions that are commonly treated with biofeedback therapies now include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle tension or spasms
  • Urinary incontinence (frequent urges to urinate)
  • High Blood Pressure  (hypertension)
  • Tension or migraine headaches
  • TMJ symptoms  (temporomandibular joint dysfunction)
  • Trouble sleeping or insomnia
  • Digestive symptoms including constipation, IBS and diarrhea
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • ADHD and autism spectrum disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer recovery
  • Heart disease
  • And just about any other condition made worse by stress